We believe in providing a superior luxury car service throughout the Houston Area.

Our company has been in the car service business for over 15 years and we will provide reliable and professional car service for every client we serve. We do offer a wide variety of late-model vehicles for your comfort and dependable transportation. Each client we serve will know that their vehicle is clean and well maintained so they will not have to worry about getting into an unknown type of interior.

We always recommend the vehicle which will accommodate you and your guests in style and comfort. All of our vehicles are stocked with water, sodas, napkins and glasses for your convenience. We also will stock your vehicle with special items per request. Our staff are highly trained and always strive for 100% complete satisfaction during every contact. Our professional driver’s will always treat you in a courteous manner and is willing to assist even before you ask. At all times the main focus of our drivers to make sure you are transported safely and within your time constraints. You will be able to conduct business while being transported so you will make better use of your precious and valuable time.

Having your driver transport you to your destination, while you make phone calls, conduct business and even coordinate your business instead of driving yourself through the traffic and wasting time is a beneficial and productive use of your time. You will not have to worry about who was in the vehicle before you or what was left behind by the previous occupant, because you will be assured that your vehicle is clean and ready for you when you enter one of A Touch of Class Car Service Vehicles.

Don’t waste time any longer, make your time as productive as possible while we drive you where you need to go. Call now to reserve your very own car service at 713 773-7773 or you can reserve online.

If you require additional assistance, you may contact Mrs. Trena our Director at A Touch of Class Car Service, who will be able to assist you further.

A Touch of Class Car Service, Director Mrs. Trena

Director, Mrs. Trena

Our fleet is constantly updated with newer models of luxury vehicles. We provide excellent car service for Airports, FBO’s and private airports. Since we have additional high security clearances our service for government officials, Dignitaries, or any type of highly Classified Officials. We do take our business seriously and you know you are being provided top customer service.